2008年12月4日 星期四



2008年12月3日 星期三


其實我們忘記了一個非常重要的元素 - 運氣!
雖然把一個人的成功與否跟運氣沾上邊是個不但推卸責任既天真的想法...可是不可否認的,運氣實在是個很玄的東西. 而且不只是我想過這個問題.有一個挺有名的人也思考過這件事,這個人叫做Murphy. Murphy 說 "if anything can go wrong, it will". 我其實還蠻喜歡Murphy所說的話.雖然我不認為那是對的. Because I think it should say " If anything can go wrong, it will go wrong only for those lack of luck".

2008年10月13日 星期一

女孩的第一個名牌包! Designer Bag!!

If diamond were girl's best friend, then designer bag must be our second best friend!

The weather was beautiful this weekend, so I decided to take a walk down the bloor street and get Jen a nice bag.

David came visit from Waterloo on Saturday, he arrived around noon. So we took the subway down to Dundas, and went to Salad King for lunch. Salad King was as packed as usual, and the food was as delicious as usual too. David claimed that he had his best pat thai there. After lunch, we walked on Yonge towards Bloor. We went into all these designer stores, and opened David's eyes (espcially when he saw some really ugly plastic bags being thrown around at the reduced section and still had the price tags around $1000) at Holts. Anyway, we were on a mission of finding Jen her first Coach bag.

I've known Jen for almost 12 years now. She has always been very caring and supportive. Every year, she would get birthday gifts for me, she mailed me post cards from taiwan and even Christmas she would get something small for her friends. On the other hand, I am not that type of person who remembers details, sometimes I even forget her exact birth date... But I thank her for all the things that she has done for me, and I thought about girl's second best friend - a designer bag! As a girl, I can probably say almost 100%, you can never forget your first designer bag! For me, it was my Miu Miu bag that I earned and bought for myself, and I don't think I'll ever forget that. So I decided to get Jen a Coach bag to not only show my appreciation for her being such a good friend of mine but also have her remember me forever..haha! When I was at the Coach store, I was surprised that the price in CAN is the same as the price in the US. After getting the bag, David and I decided to go for some dessert. The sunshine and the warm breeze were just perfect, so we didn't really mind to walk a little more. So we strolled back to Dundas and had the super good ice cream brownie at Hardrock Cafe. Then we walked around in Eaton Centre and went home. Since we had a pretty late lunch, we decided to have a late dinner. So we went to Duff's wings for dinner around 9pm. After dinner, Sarah called me to go sing Karaoke at RQ with her, so I went and we had whole lounge for ourselves; we had so much fun actually singing at karaoke instead of mad drinking! LOL!

Then next day, Sunday, We took Cherry and Honey to the park, and we went Wasabi for supper.

Monday was Thanksgiving, since no stores were open, we stayed home and made Lasagna. (of course it was so good as usual! haha)

David left to Waterloo around 6pm, along with his food and Jen's Coach Bag. Around 8pm or so, I got a msn msg from Jen with "HOLY CRAP, I AM SPEECHLESS! THANK YOU!", and I knew she got her present and I got her surprised and she loved it. It felt really nice to make someone happy! Haha.

For those of you who are having a hard time figuring out how to be the special someone in a girl's life...take my advice, it is simple, be the person who get her the first designer bag or the first diamond ring! Can't go wrong with THAT! Here is the bag I got for Jen, it is really nice!

2008年10月6日 星期一


OMG! I can't believe it's October already!!
Work has been extremely busy for the past couple of weeks...the worst part was, again, people screwed up and I had to somehow fix their $hit! Seriously people, pay attention to details! details! details! Track your work! Meet your deadlines and deliver your products in an organized manner please! Anyway, I really didn't mind the workload (if people didn't actually screwup), but the fact that I had to spend so much time, on top of my 1000 things to do, doing OTHER peoples' work sort of upset me a little! The good news was, Clemen called me last week and told me about a job opening in his group that he was wondering if I would be interested. I was very flattered when I heard his offer. I mean, it was not really the job that I was really excited about, it was the fact that someone actually recognized my hardwork and the "I am wanted" sort of feeling really energized me! We'll see how things go!

Mom and Dad left for Florida and the Bahamas just last Saturday! I hope everything works out okay for them!!!! they haven't called me yet... so I assume everything is going smoothly...
Cherry and Honey are so bored at home during the day time now, I feel a little sorry for them!! (even though Cherry does chew and mess things up at home when nobody is around....)

I signed up for George Brown's Culinary I class, every Sunday 1-5pm from Sept to Dec (Sarah and Justin actually signed up for the same time slot in the class next door). I truely enjoyed every single class that I have been to so far; like 1000000 times better than Engineering class!!Last class, we made Lasagna...it was REALLY good!! I also got the chef uniform; mom couldn't stop laughing when she saw me in it (cuz she said that my face was even "rounder" when I wear the chef hat...). I guess I will take some photos this Sunday and post them.

Long weekend is coming!! nothing planned yet...hmm....

2008年8月15日 星期五


上個禮拜收到我認養小朋友從Rwanda寄來的信,收到的時候心中還真的是暖暖的. One full page of writing describing his country and family. He is in grade 5, and he is in a single parent family with 7 other siblings. 雖然一個月要40塊錢也不便宜,可是算一算連我一小時的工資都不到就可以幫助一個小朋友,心裡還是挺開心的.
話說我這一路走來都很平安,雖然在交朋友上有一點坑坑洞洞,可是大致來說,不管是學業也好,事業也好,都很順利.感情上嘛...不知道該怎麼說,雖然沒有轟轟烈烈的愛情,不過也沒有遇人不淑.應該要滿足了!! 現在想要買什麼就有什麼.想要買車,去mercedes就搬回一個e300,想要買包包,就去holtz搬回一個miu miu (雖然真的是有點小貴...),想要sponser小孩,馬上可以sign up monthly payment, 想要做fence,馬上2500可以寫cheque叫人來做...買什麼,吃什麼都不需要考慮太多....就是連買房子,要買的話也不是買不起...難怪survey說有錢的人過的真的比較快樂,我還真有感覺到一點咧! 而且最重要的是用自己的錢,肯定了自己的能力,這也算是一種另類的成就感吧.
可是每個禮拜去做hot yoga都有覺得body and mind 都有變乾淨! 流出一身汗,精神也比較好呢!
我想要感恩社會,還有我身邊的人的心...make me a better person, make the world a better place and ENJOY IT! Isn't THAT the meaning of life?! :)

2008年6月20日 星期五


前幾天家裡來換門窗,所有窗簾都拆了下來.昨天換好以後,爸爸跟Leo又把門窗的框上了白色油漆,照理說是很棒阿.可是不知道怎麼搞的,那身體已經很不舒服兩天的我看到到處都是搬過桌椅的髒亂,看到地上都是黑黑又白白的汙跡,又聽到外面吵雜的車子的聲音(因為要等油漆乾,窗戶都開著),還又所有的窗戶都沒有窗簾感覺好像外面所有的人都可以看到屋子裡面的感覺,又加上媽媽又跑出去打牌,我昨天下午時心情就是一整個不爽.我開始自己搬椅子弄窗簾,整理桌椅,掃地完用拖把拖,拖完後還在用布跪在地上把每一吋地板擦的光亮,一直做一直做,有點那種化悲憤為力量的感覺,有點委屈有點氣有點不爽又有一點mission accomplish的成就感,後來剩下family room還沒弄時,突然在外面抽煙的爸爸跑進來叫我說有朋友找我!
我想: 疑? 會是誰阿?
一開門一個熟悉的臉龐進入了我的眼中 - CINDY!
看到老朋友還真是蠻開心的~ 所以我們兩個就話夾子一打開說說對方的近況.stanly也從waterloo mechtronic畢業了還找到了工作,小弟tommy也進了waterloo 讀 system design, 而cindy自己也找到了工作就離家才近尺~ 真是為他們高興阿!講了講其他的一些老朋友的近況後,突然cindy談到了她最近成了基督教徒~ 我雖然不是說很surprise可是讓還真的有所感觸~ 身邊最近好多朋友都成了基督教徒(虔誠的那種喔),像是Liz也是,剛剛無意間看到yvonne的blog也發現她成了基督教徒,大家能在宗教信仰中找的peace and support當然是我也樂意見到的,可是如果我發現religion變成了過份的idol的時候.我就無法溝通.唉~ 自古以來,宗教信仰成為很多戰火的原因,對我來說甚至我好怕會失去這些朋友! 不過直得慶幸的是,我跟cindy有了一些還蠻深入的討論,我們都很理性,也很尊重對方的想法. 最近的我也讀了許多有關religion的書籍,讓我更了解了一些之前對宗教的一些問題~ 對我來說,只要做事問心無愧,對社會有貢獻,讓我身邊的人不要為我失望,我就很滿足了. 人生難免有高高低低,有些人需要求助信仰,可是我覺得任何事情都還是只有自己可以扭轉,當時間的成長,環境的轉變讓人有了新的point of view, then i think 沒有什麼事情是過不去的! 活在當下! i don't really care about if i will be in heaven or hell after i die, because if i can happily cherish my family and feel content about my life while i am still alive, that is the most important to me! in my opinion, it is all about how we feel about ourrselves and again the ways we look at things rather than trying to figure out "which god is the best for us believe in? which god will help us the most? which god will get us to heaven..."
There are already races, nationalities, histories, social classes that are setting people apart, why are religions putting more boundaries to divide people into heaven and hell? Religion is supposed to help people to be good, and help people to feel good. I respect all religions and feel they all carry deep meanings of life and hope everyone has a happy life regardless.
But if one more, one more person tells me that ONLY believing in Jesus can send me to heaven, otherwise I will go to hell for sure, then you know what? you better hope that either I don't make it to heaven or you don't fall to hell, becuase if i see you at either places, I am SO going to annoy you back!! but WHATEVER!

P.S. I was going to blog about my trip to Miami....but the whole religion and meaning of life topic sort of occupied my mind...and my real estate stuff has been occupying my time too....The short story is - MIAMI AND BAHAMAS CRUISE WERE FABULOUS!! THE GIRLS WERE FANTASTIC!!! THE FOOD WAS DELICIOUS!! THE PARTIES WERE SO FUN! AND THE BEACHES....AWWWWWWWWWWWWW

2008年3月18日 星期二

Pre- Miami Trip

So! I thought I was going to blog about my everyday life at the time when I signed up for this, but it sort of just never happened. Well, it is never too late to start…
The big news for the week is *drumming….* I am going on my very first vacation since graduating from university!!*TA-DA!* I am super excited! It is going to be a 7-day trip, May 24-30, to Miami including the 4-day Bahamas Cruise. Alice, Sarah and Lynne are going with me. Even though I don’t know them that well yet, but I am sure we are going to have a blast!! All the beaches, clubs, and FOOD!! Before I get too excited about the actual trip, there is a lot of things that need to be taken care of prior departure! The first thing is booking the flights and accommodations. Three weeks ago, I found the deal to be around $650 in total flying from Buffalo; so I had been asking around for people to see if anyone was interested in going. Luckily I got Alice and Sarah confirmed to come pretty quickly, and Alice even invited her co-worker to join and made this trip possible. All of us were pretty excited about the trip and were ready to book; but then when I went back online again and check the package, the flight from Buffalo to Miami increased by $100 per person! That was pretty much the same flying from Toronto to Miami. Moreover, I found out that the hotel I originally was looking at actually located distance from the busy southern district! So for the past two weeks, I have been checking out flight prices literally every hour, and reading hotel reviews everyday! I could almost memorize the details about half of the hotels locating on Miami Beach! But nothing was really feasible for us. At last, I decided just book the flight tickets from Toronto to Miami at $100 more than expected, and book a hotel with decent review at a location about 15 min drive away from the south beach. The total became $850! Though the girls weren’t so pleased when they saw the price going up, but they were all supportive and still in for the trip! At least the bookings were all done! But the story doesn’t end here. Two days later, I went back online and check for the flight price (it has become a habit after two weeks of ‘training’), the flight from Buffalo to Miami has dropped $90!!!!!!!!! I was like… wtf!! *sigh* I guess life IS tough! Anyhow! At least right now we don’t have to travel to Buffalo back and forth, and we get a better hotel… that is probably the only way I can comfort myself now. After getting piiiiissedoff at this flight price fluctuation thing for a couple days, I am back to normal, and still excited about my trip in May. It will be the first time I go on a Cruise, and I think there is going to be like UNLIMITED food and entertainment!! Have been looking at many tourist sites about Miami, creating a detailed itinerary, and trying to LOSE WEIGHT! Oh man, the third item is going to be a completely new 10-page story!! To be continued...

2008年2月25日 星期一

a fresh start?! 忙裡偷閒的我

a fresh start?!
今天不知道怎麼了.跑去重新看了自己的愛情國小日記.msn space.xuite影音等等...發現自己的過去再很多地方零零落落的留下腳印~ 現在還多了一個facebook的東西... 原本想說重新開一個blog來把以前的東西全部聚集起來...可是後來想想算了...過去就讓他過去吧... 讓我自己在踏入社會後有個新的開始~
雖然沒有甜蜜愛情的故事可以分享, 也沒有峰迴路轉的drama and gossip,也許靈感無法如湧泉般的滾滾而來.可以希望可以再次discover自己感性的那一面...